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What is potential assessment? 

Potential assessment is a test that forms part of the selection process for admission to several of the programmes offered by TUT.
When does an applicant write the
potential assessment
Can one prepare for the potential assessment?  What material should one study?

One cannot prepare for the test. Ordinary test procedures will be followed. You will be supported and given clear and detailed instructions for answering the tests – it is not at all difficult or complicated. All questions are multiple-choice questions and you therefore only need to select a, b, c, or d as an answer. For your convenience, two or three counsellors are present at every test session.

What materials are required for the test?

  • The official invitation from TUT to write the potential assessment
  • ID book
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

Enquiries after the test

Any enquiry about the results of applications should be directed to the academic department applied to. The potential assessment division does not have the information on whether an application has been successful or not.

What happens if an applicant has applied for more than one programme?

An applicant will only write the potential assessment once per intake.  The same test scores will be used to evaluate an application for one’s second choice, if an application for the first choice has not been successful.  However, it is possible to gain admission to another programme, as all programmes do not have the same admission requirements.