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'Alumni' is a word that describes TUT graduates collectively. Derived from the Arabic word aalim, 'alumni' means 'scholar or an expert in a defined field'. The word is also a Latin noun (alumnus), meaning 'foster son or pupil', which is derived from the verb alere ('to nourish'). If you are a female graduate, you are called an 'alumna' (pl. 'alumnae') and if you are a male graduate, you are called an 'alumnus' (pl. 'alumni'). The university you graduate from is your alma mater (bountiful mother').

Five categories of Alumni@TUT have been identified

  • Since participation is voluntary, all graduates are regarded as Ordinary Alumni; Alumnus (male) or Alumna (female) who will enjoy basic benefits.
  • Alumni Chapter Members (both Faculty and Special Interest Chapters) will comprise Alumni who hold chapter membership and enjoy additional benefits.
  • Honorary Alumni are individuals who received Honorary Doctorates from the University. Alternatively these are individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the wellbeing of the University, be it monetary; by another means; or by making substantial contributions towards other University initiatives.
  • Friends of Alumni@TUT are individuals who may not have completed their studies but still show an interest in the University, or any other citizen with an interest in the wellbeing of the University. These individuals will enjoy basic benefits but cannot become chapter members.
  • Pre-Alumni are current students willing to participate in voluntary pre-alumni programs offered by the Alumni Relations Office in order to prepare them for future involvement and to become committed graduates.

TUT Alumni in this context can also be described as, all holders of diplomas or degrees from the former Technikon Northern Gauteng, Technikon North-West and Technikon Pretoria  that merged on 01 January 2004 to form the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).


Mr Danie Ferns
Deputy Director: Individual Giving,
Bursaries and Scholarships
Tel. 012 382 5366
Fax. 012 382 5369
Mr Kefentse Molotsane
Senior Alumni Relations and
Communications Officer
Tel. 012 382 2804
Fax. 012 382 5369