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Get fast, easy, reliable e-mail, with spam protection and plenty of storage. Registered students' TUT4Life accounts also provide for access to the Internet in the computer labs, ERC's and i-Centres. To access your account for the first time please follow these easy steps.

- Go to Start, Internet Explorer 
- Type in 
- Click on "Reset My Password”
- Enter your student and ID number then click on Submit
Now change your password to your own password. Please note that you have to follow all the Password Rules listed on the screen!
- Now select a new password. Please note the following password criteria
- Confirm your new password then wait for 2 minutes for the password to synchronise, then you can access your email.

Password Criteria

       ~ Password must contain characters from four of the following categories: 
                   * Uppercase characters (A through Z)
                   * Lowercase characters (a through z) 
                   * Base 10 digits (0 through 9) 
                   * Special characters:
       ~ Password must contain at least 8 characters and a maximum of 16 
       ~ Your student number may not appear in your password 
       ~ Password may not consist of 4 consecutive numerical 
       ~ Password must not contain the user’s account name (full names and surname) 

Should you experience any difficulty in obtaining your tut4life email address, please do not hesitate to email