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Student Recruitment

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The job market is changing rapidly. To minimise the risk of unemployment, a concerted effort is required to provide the youth with as much as possible information on suitable career choices and the skills required to ensure self-empowerment. This is where we, as the Student Recruitment Office, can play a key role by sharing our expertise with facilitators and learners.

It is important for higher education institutions to attract academic achievers as prospective students. The aim is also to attract prospective students who excel culturally, socially and on the sports field.  

The quality of the student body should be strengthened and fostered to ensure that the number of students that drop out decreases continuously. 

Services we offer to schools

  • Campus visits
  • Consultations with learners and parents (individually and in groups)
  • Talks at parents' evenings
  • Career exhibitions
  • Campus and Faculty Days

Tel.  012 382 5321
Fax. 012 382 5744