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Application and Conditions
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If you have indicated on the University admissions form that you need financial aid, please take note of the following important information:

All new students who want to apply for NSFAS funding for the 2017 academic year need to apply directly to NSFAS.  Application may be submitted as from 01 August 2016.  All the relevant information pertaining to this process can be found on the NSFAS website at

Please ensure to complete this process within the deadlines provided by NSFAS as the University will not be in a position to assist students who submit incomplete or late applications.



General Rules

  1. Any student who would like to be considered for financial assistance needs to complete the relevant application form and submit it together with the relevant supportive documents at their local Financial Aid Office before a predetermined closing date.
  2. Only applications that have been completed correctly, in full and submitted before the prescribed closing dates shall be considered for financial aid.
  3. The Directorate of Financial Aid will acknowledge receipt of the application before a predetermined date in the year proceeding the year of application (senior returning students).
  4. Any allocation made is provisional and subject to the verification of official documentation.
  5. Only students who have been registered for full-time subsidised study programmes are eligible.
  6. A student’s eligibility shall be based on academic performance and financial neediness (as determined by a means test). In the latter case, the student shall furnish information on the sources of income of his or her family.
  7. Any new student must first comply with minimum admission/selection requirements for the institutional academic programmes before being considered.
  8. The academic criteria used to test eligibility shall be the applicant’s latest academic results.
  9. Financial aid is awarded for one year only and students must re-apply annually.
  10. Financial aid may be withdrawn if the student may be found to have breached the rules of conduct at any time.
  11. A student who receives assistance from more than one source will be allocated funding to the maximum of the full study costs of that particular academic year.
  12. University academic merit bursaries will automatically be allocated annually to all students who qualify in terms of the criteria.

The following documentation must be supplied by the student:

  1. A certified ID copy of the applicant (South African Citizens only);
  2. Certified ID copies of both parents;
  3. Certified copy or birth certificate of all the dependents that are supported by the parent (s) guardian
  4. Proof of income of both parents or guardian (salary slip, pension slip or child grant slip – not older than 3 months);
  5. Certified copy of latest Grade 12 results 9only for first time applicant);
  6. Affidavit (not older than 3 months) from unemployed parent (s)/guardian or UIF slip to be provided (by parent not student);
  7. Death certificates of diseased parents;
  8. Proof of registration if one or more members are studying at a tertiary level;
  9. All reported family members of the household will be validated by way of a certified copy of an identity document or birth certificate - otherwise they will be excluded.

Please take note of the following:

  1. Affidavit from student will not be accepted.
  2. Affidavit with no amount will not be accepted.
  3. If false information is provided TUT may enforce all its legal rights including that of termination of your NSFAS application or adjudication.
  4. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.