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Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Tshwane University of Technology and the University of Limpopo jointly offer a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. Students enter University of Limpopo and Tshwane University of Technology as full-time learners. They spend half of each academic year at each of the two campuses, where they have full access to all academic and recreational facilities. Students are eligible to apply for accommodation at either facility and transport between campuses is provided.

B Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy)
This B Pharm programme is at present the only one of its kind in the RSA. It is a problem based learning (PBL) course. PBL is a learning strategy which is in line with the national policy of Outcomes Based Education, since it is aimed at producing professional pharmacists equipped to practice effectively, immediately on completion of the degree.  Post-Doctoral Fellows Profiles.

B Tech: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Potential students who have a 3-year qualification in health or related sciences and would like to pursue a career in Pharmaceutical Sciences including Clinical Research or Drug Registration. These would include Medical reps, CRAs, analysts, pharmaceutical technologists, nurses, dental technologists, registration assistants.  Post-Doctoral Fellows Profiles.

Research Niche Area: Natural products in drug development
A multidisciplinary approach is followed to study the use of natural products in health care.  Diverse research topics such as the quality assurance of raw materials and products, the potential pharmaceutical, pharmacological and microbiological applications of compounds of natural origin and the design of systemic delivery systems for phytochemicals fall within the core theme of this niche area.  Scientific evidence for the rational and effective use of different plant extracts and components in the treatment of a variety of conditions as well as the variation of medicinal plant phytoconstituents based on geographical distribution are rigorously investigated.  The research in this niche area does not only focus on basic research for the generation of new knowledge but also the application and utilisation of this knowledge in the formulation, production and quality control of new and existing pharmaceutical products from natural origin.

Theresia Mathai

Tel: +27 12 382 6303 / 6228

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- Post-Doctoral Fellows Profiles

The somatology division strives to create a learning environment where students are equipped with multi-level skills and expertise in the field of skin and body care, massage therapy, reflexology, aromatherapy and stress management. The B Tech in Somatology equips a student to become a member of a multi-disciplinary team that works together with medical doctors, pharmacists, plastic surgeons, dieticians, physiotherapists and dermatologists. Graduates are also highly sought after for placement in skin care clinics, on cruise liners and health spa’s.

Elna Prinsloo

Tel: +27 12 382 6113