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Faculty of Management Sciences
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Prof Edward Rankhumise
Acting Executive Dean 

Education is the great engine of personal development. Career opportunities are available for people who are willing to invest time and effort in their education. Since choosing a career is such a complex decision, we at the Faculty of Management Sciences pride ourselves in keeping up to date with the ever-changing needs, opportunities and challenges of the labour market by means of active advisory boards and regular contact with commerce and industry. 

The Faculty of Management Sciences offers a wide variety of study opportunities to students with an interest in Hospitality Management, Management; Entrepreneurship; Marketing, supply chain management; Sport Management, Office Management & Technology; Operations Management; People Management & Development and Tourism Management.  The faculty is one of its kind in the university of technology sector which hosts a business school which offers an Accredited MBA programme.

The faculty is also leading within the University of Technology sector in the offering of postgraduate programmes ranging from post graduate diplomas to doctoral degrees.  This is owing to the high calibre of academics in the faculty.  The faculty currently have over 30 academics with doctoral degrees and currently produce over 30 units of research outputs annually.  Our faculty graduates over 2000 students annually including an average of 5 doctors and over 20 masters’ students.

The faculty will continue to strive to contribute to the human resource development of the country through continuous curriculum development in partnership with other universities, communities and industries to ensure sustainable development.





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