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Applied Languages
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What are applied languages?

Applied languages entail a study of various aspects of language including, but not limited to, applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, language management, language planning, language promotion, ethnolinguistics, translation practice, literature etc. In short, it is a study of aspects of language that are implicated in peoples’ interaction, their construction and articulation of identities and own realities as well as how they affirm their sense of “self”.


Contact Us

Dr IP Mandende
Head of Department (Acting)

Ms Cate K Nkuna & Ms Marthie M O’Reilly
Departmental Administrator/s 
Tel: 012 382 9942 / 012 382 5410


Job Opportunities
Language Practice offers a range of career opportunities including Language research, Language and speech technology, Literacy training, Marketing and advertising, Translation and editing, Lexicography, International liaison and Language advising etc.

The National Diploma in Language Practice is a three-year programme, while the B Tech in Language Practice is a one year programme.