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Department of Chemical, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 
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Chem and Met

About the Department

Chemical Engineering focuses on the industrial manufacturing of chemicals, as well as processes for converting raw materials into products of economic value. Such processes are applied in the oil, coal, food and textile industries, in mineral processing, in water and affluent treatments and in power generation.

Metallurgical Engineering is about extracting and refining valuable minerals and metals and converting them into useful engineering products.

Polymer Technology students are equipped for a career in the wide fields of polymers and plastics – a very important part of modern technology. Students are trained in the manufacturing technology of plastics, as well as the design and use of plastic components.

Helpful Links

The South African Institute of Chemical Engineers

The South African Institute of Mining & Metallurgy


2018 Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering Qualification Info

2018 Polymer Technology Qualification Info


Contact Details

Head of Department
Prof Maurice Onyango

Refilwe Ngaka
Tel: 012 382 3550



Lizzy Mokae
Tel: 012 382 4392