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Campus where offered: Arts Campus

Important notification to new applicants:
Students who intend to enrol for this qualification for the first time in 2017 should note that it will not be possible to continue with any Baccalaureus Technologiae as from 2020, since it is being replaced by qualifications aligned with the newly-implemented Higher Education Qualification Sub-Framework. Potential students are advised to consult the University's website for any new qualifications which might not be published in this Prospectus.

Admission requirement(s):
Successful completion of the first year of the National Diploma: Graphic Design is a prerequisite for entry into the National Diploma: Multimedia: Visual Arts-Biased.

Selection criteria:
Selection will be done based on end-year results obtained in the first year of the Graphic Design Programme if more than 25 students apply for the qualification.

Minimum duration: Three years. One year from the National Diploma: Graphic Design and a further two years under this qualification.

Presentation: Day classes.

Intake for the qualification: January only.

Exclusion and readmission: See Chapter 2 of Students’ Rules and Regulations.

Examination: At third-year level, student portfolios are evaluated by a panel that includes an external moderator.

Closing date for application: 31 July.

Approximate first-year class fees: R30 110.

Additional costs: Please enquire at the department.

Possible careers: Producer, creative director, arts director, technical director, interactive writer, interface designer, instructional designer, game designer.


Link to the Prospectus
Link to Important notice on the revision of qualifications

Contact details
The Departmental Administrator
Tel: +27 12 382 6145

All information is subject to change without further notice.