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Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
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Postgrad FoICT (Research)

The Faculty is committed to providing a range of programmes that will produce creative, adaptable, well-trained and well-rounded graduates who are fully equipped to participate in the key role science and technology plays in the changing environment. To those of you who are starting with a tertiary qualification for the first time, congratulations on selecting the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology. It is an honour to have you in the Faculty. To our senior students: Welcome back!

Over the years, we have demonstrated excellence in teaching and leaning, and we are proud of our reputation for producing highly employable and adaptable graduates and postgraduates.

Exciting things are happening in all areas of science and information technology. We find that change is accelerating continuously as a result of ongoing research and new applications. The programme you enrolled in will provide you with the key to understanding, evaluating, applying and participating in a variety of areas.

It is a fascinating time to study at the Faculty. We have just completed a merger process and now have an international and continental outlook. We aim to become a faculty of international standing. Our Government sees science and information technology as a key enabler of economic growth and prosperity, but, equally important, also of the development and empowerment of all our people. We will equip you to face these challenges and to make a meaningful contribution to the economy of the country and the continent.

You will interact with all our staff and you will find them highly capable and professional. They are building a strong research base and have very good relationships with industry.