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Department Of Managerial
Accounting and Finance 
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Welcome to the Department of Managerial Accounting and Finance. The Department is an academic unit in the Faculty of Economics and Finance.  Our primary mission is to prepare students for careers in the field of corporate finance and management accounting. Should you have such an interest, then you are at the right place.

Our management accounting qualification is consistently ranked as one of our most popular diplomas. It is presented in the form of full-time day classes. For those students who wish to do more advanced studies in management accounting, we also offer the M Tech in Cost and Management accounting. Individuals holding a B Tech or any other qualification in finance at NQF Level 7 may pursue this line of study. The Department also offers doctoral studies with a focus on cost and management accounting, designed mainly to prepare individuals for careers as university lecturers.

The Department focuses on strengthening the knowledge of its students, including oral and written communication skills. Consistent with the Faculty and University mission, the Department acts as an incubator for postgraduate studies in clearly defined areas, such as environmental management accounting and finance.

Graduates who hold our undergraduate and master’s qualifications have a variety of career opportunities, targeting financial services firms. Positions available include management accountant, credit analyst, financial analyst, financial planner or security analyst. Our B Tech is an excellent preparation for those planning to obtain the Chartered Institute of Management accounting (CIMA) qualification.

Programmes Offered:

- National Diploma: Cost and Management Accounting
- Baccalaureus Technologiae: Cost and Management Accounting
- Magister Technologiae: Cost and Management Accounting
- Doctor Technologiae: Cost and Management Accounting
- National Higher Certificate: Financial Information Systems
- National Diploma: Financial Information Systems
- Baccalaureus Technologiae: Financial Information Systems

Managerial Accounting and Finance Staff List