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Department of Auditing
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Welcome to the Department of Auditing! The department focuses on developing the discipline of internal auditing. We provide students with a practical education, enabling them to easily adapt in a working environment.

There is a growing demand for internal auditors throughout the world. As there is an increased focus on good corporate governance and sound internal control frameworks in organisations, internal audit  plays a key role in providing assurance to management and other stakeholders on the effectiveness of the control framework in the organisation.

The department offers qualifications in auditing, from a national diploma in internal auditing up to a doctorate in internal auditing (Please see the "Programmes Offered" link above). The department further presents subjects in the discipline of external audit as a service to other qualifications in the fields of accounting and public sector accounting. We also present internal audit courses at the Polokwane and Mbombela campuses of TUT.

Tshwane University of Technology is an Internal Audit Education Partner (IAEP)  Internal Audit Foundation School, accredited by the Institute of Internal Auditors in the United States. Details of the IAEP programme is available on the website of  the IIA (Inc), a link is provided on this page.