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Rules and regulations

  • Each resident is bound to the Rules & Regulations of Residences that he/she receives when signing in at the residence.
  • This document serves as the guideline to manage residences and to enforce discipline and order.
  • It is the responsibility of residents to familiarise themselves with the contents of the document.  Ignorance of its contents in the case of misconduct can not be an excuse.
  • The document is reviewed annually by a committee appointed.


  • Any student causing loss or damage to any fixed or movable property of which the residence/institution is the proprietor shall be liable to reimburse the institution for any loss suffered by the institution in replacing or repairing such loss or damage.
  • Disciplinary action or indemnity will be managed according to the disciplinary structures of Accommodation, Residence Life & Catering and the institution.
  • The Directorate of Accommodation, Residence Life & Catering shall not be responsible for the loss of money or other personal property from resident's room.  The Directorate accepts no responsibility whatsoever for loss of or damage to residents' private property either during a term or during a vacation.
  • Residents are responsible for insurance of their personal items.
  • Obtaining and taking chronic medication is the student's own responsibility.
  • Medical services are available on campus within specified hours, but obtaining of other medical treatment is the student's own responsibility.
  • The Directorate of Accommodation, Residence Life & Catering shall not be responsible for any damages, losses or injuries during residence activities, camps or excursions.

Student’s responsibility

  • Treat fellow residents and the institution's properties with respect at all times.
  • Respect the privacy of other students.
  • Respect the individual right of choice and opinion of fellow residents.
  • Seek honest and fair solutions in possible conflict situations during the stay in the residences without willfully harming the institution's integrity.
  • Not to put the institution into disrepute.
  • Provide when requested to do so, honest and factually correct information about any circumstance that could possibly arise.
  • Avoid any situation of individual enrichment at the expense of the institution.
  • Comply with all fair and reasonable guidelines and instructions of the institution's personnel and officials.
  • Report any irregular deeds by fellow residents.
  • Use the available facilities with responsibility and accountability in accordance with the Rules and Regulations for Residences.

Rules for applying for accommodation in a residence

  • Only full-time, registered students of TUT may apply for accommodation and be accommodated in a residence.
  • Applicants undertake to comply with the Internal Rules for Residences and the conditions of their agreements with TUT.
  • An applicant’s admission to a residence is subject to the availability of space at the time of application.
  • Admission is subject to acceptance for an academic programme.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who live outside the greater Tshwane area.
  • A minimum amount of R1 200 is payable BEFORE residence registration or occupation.
  • A confirmation letter will be sent to you after your application has been approved.