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Residence Facilities and Services

We offer basic, quality accommodation to students at affordable rates. Residence accommodation should not be regarded as a right, but as a privilege. Students should respect their environment, facilities and fellow students in order to ensure that the facilities remain up to standard. Vandalism is regarded as a serious act of misconduct and a student could face expulsion when found guilty of vandalism.

Single rooms are allocated according to payment record, academic performance and the degree of active participation in the residence.

Security is of the utmost importance to staff and students. There is a 24-hour security guard on duty at the residences.

Bus transport to and from lectures is available to residents. In addition, public transport is available for students to get to other places in and around Town.

Facilities for the disabled
Certain residences are identified and equipped to accommodate students with disabilities.  Staff is also working closely with the Disability Centre on campus to assist students with disabilities.  Disabilities must be indicated clearly on application forms to ensure placement in a residence with the necessary facilities. 

Computer facilities
All residents have access to computer labs with Internet access and typing, e-mail, printing and copying facilities at competitive rates.  Certain residences are equipped with computer facilities, and others are in close proximity of such facilities.

Sport facilities are available to residents at the various campuses.  Residents have access to gymnasiums at the various campuses at reasonable rates.  Students can join the sport clubs available at the Bureau for Sport Development.  Should TUT not host a specific code, students will be assisted to join an outside club.

Laundry facilities
Washing machines and tumble dryers are available at certain residences.  Residents must provide their own automatic washing powder and fabric softener.  Laundry facilities are used at residents' own risk.

Safe, restricted parking is available to residents.