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Name of Residence

Residence Type


Astra, Denise, Minjonet Heidehof and Polonaise Female Residences Pretoria Campus
Skierlik and Gaetsho Female Residences Ga-Rankuwa Campus
SOS 1 and 3 Residences Female Residences Soshanguve Campus
Monitor Residence Male Residences Pretoria Campus
Legae Residence Male Residences Ga-Rankuwa Campus
SOS 2 and 4 Residences Male Residences Soshanguve Campus
Mabaleng Mixed Residences Emalahleni Campus
East and Hebron Mixed Residences Ga-Rankuwa Campus
Mebala and Urban Cove Mixed Residences Mbombela Campus
Lezard, Magalies, West City, Legae, Kollegehof, Dri Lellies Mixed Residences Pretoria Campus
SOS 5, CTT, TCE1 and 2 Student Town, Telkom Mixed Residences Soshanguve Campus

Soshanguve 012 382 9500
Ga-Rankuwa 012 382 0564
Pretoria 012 382 5514