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Directorate of Student Governance and Leadership Development
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We offer planned opportunities for students to integrate their curricular and extra-mural experiences to develop the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to make an impact in the world. We provide a chance for students to achieve their potential by coaching them to recognize and enhance their strengths, develop and implement creative solutions, and engage others in accomplishing positive, substantive results. The Directorate perceives itself as a Refinery of Leadership Potential.


  • Student Governance – Student Representative Council, Student Faculty Council & Political Structures
  • SRC Elections
  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Roundtable Sessions
  • Induction Sessions
  • Top Junior Leadership Programmes for First Year Students
  • Class Representatives Training
  • Functional Leadership Training for all student Structures
  • Educational Excursions
  • Community Outreach Projects
  • TUT Journal Newsletter


  • Motlhabane Young Men Empowerment Seminar
  • Ntombazana Young Women Empowerment Seminar
  • Motivational Series Sessions
  • TUT Student Entrepreneur Seminar
  • Political Summit
  • Religious Roundtable
  • Moithuti Economic Empowerment Conference
  • Nhwana wo hiteka Woman Empowerment Conference
  • Toppieshoek Adventure Race
  • Leadership Awards Ceremony


 The Leadership Laboratory

  • Brainstorming Sessions for student organizations
  • Top Junior Leadership Programmes Sessions
  • Presentation of Leadership modules
  • Meetings for Student Organisations
  • Individual and Group activity work