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Directorate of Health and Wellness
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The Directorate of Health and Wellness of Tshwane University of Technology provides comprehensive and confidential health and wellness services that promote health, prevent ill-health, and maintain and restore the mental and physical well-being of TUT students.

Motto A healthy mind in a healthy body will enable you to enjoy your student journey

Our Mission

It is the Directorate of Health and Wellness’ mission to provide the following:

  • Equal access to a holistic one-stop informative, medical and supportive programmes and services in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders of TUT.
  • Meaningful extracurricular learning through the implementation of quality peer education programmes.

Programmes and Services Offered

The Directorate of Health and Wellness offers a wide range of programmes and services to all TUT students at no cost, which includes:

  • Health promotion and disease prevention programmes using various information, education and counselling media.
  • A range of primary healthcare services.
  • Reproductive health service.
  • HIV/AIDS support programmes, services and counselling.
  • Sexual diversity and Human Rights programme (MSM/LGBTI)
  • Gentlemen and Ladies Forums
  • Medical Male Circumcision and men’s health
  • ZAZI  female empowerment
  • Balance Your Life; a programme that educate students on risks of alcohol and substance abuse.
  • A variety of Health and Wellness campaigns and seminars

Extracurricular Programme

We also offer extracurricular learning and development in the form of the Peer Education Programme.

The Peer Education Programme is a student volunteer-based programme that is aimed at promoting healthy living in the TUT community. A peer education programme is regarded as a useful strategy in health promotion, as peers can form partnerships in strengthening strategies that are aimed towards behavioural change. The programme has evolved into numerous H&W programmes that offer experiential opportunities to enhance leadership, interpersonal, communication and advocacy skills. The Peer Educators at TUT play the following roles:

  • Educators - provide basic information about healthy living and HIV awareness in a youth-friendly way.
  • Role models - act as positive role models for students and reinforce positive values and attitudes.
  • Supporters - build trusting relationships with peers and provide support regarding psychosocial problems that place students at risk of contracting HIV and other health-related conditions.
  • Referral agents - identify learners with psychosocial problems, support them and, if necessary, refer them to the Directorate of Health and Wellness or community agencies such as clinics and social workers.
  • Advocates - raises awareness of issues and services available and make the Directorate of Health and Wellness aware of the health needs of students.
  • Peer Educators at TUT also develop and participate in campus and community partnerships that advance health promotion initiatives.

Video - HEAIDS: Tour of First Things First, HIV Counselling and Testing Campaign

Apply to become a Peer Educator in 2017

To apply, click on the respective campus that you attend classes at. If you have any problems with the application process, kindly visit your nearest Health and Wellness Centre.

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Contact Details

Office of the Director: Health and Wellness
Building 4 Room 142/142A
Pretoria West Campus
Tel: 012 382 6611/6613