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Internal Funding
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The aim of the research grants support at TUT is to:
  • communicate funding opportunities relevant to researchers by sending e-mails to all staff and students
  • support the administration of research grants within the University
  • improve the quality of external research grant applications submitted by the University
  • improve and share knowledge about grants administration and grant application requirements within the University

The office administers both external and internal funding. The Grants Office works with external research-related funding agencies in both the public and private sectors. Major funding bodies include the National Research Foundation (NRF) and other national competitive funding schemes. The NRF provides funding to support research in all fields, higher degree research training through scholarships, research-only careers through Fellowships as well as other research-related activities. The major rounds are cyclic and are generally open from about July to September of each year, with results announced around October and November.

The University encourages academic staff to apply to external research grants for research support, but has also established a range of research granting programmes that provide internal support for both emerging and established researchers. These programmes have been designed to strengthen the competitiveness of staff in gaining external grants and to encourage staff to apply for the external funding of projects. The University provides central funding to support a range of research programmes. Researchers have the opportunity to obtain substantial research support by applying directly to the Office of Research when the call is published.

For specific information on the funding opportunities, please contact the Grants Administration Office in the Office of Research, B20-132, Pretoria Campus

Various types of University funding are available via the Research Office/Subcommittees, including:

  1. Niche area support
  2. Equipment funding
  3. Capacity building (improvement of qualifications)
  4. Institutional commitments for NRF programmes
  5. Postdoctoral research fellowships
  6. Start-up funding for newly appointed professors
  7. Emerging programme for development researchers

Contact Information

Grants Administrator
Ms Ingrid Botha
Tel: (+27) 12 382 5872
Fax: (+27) 12 382 4409

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