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TUT's vision is pioneering an enterprising and transformative brand of twenty-first Century University of Technology scholarship. The university in 2014 adopted a new strategic plan and the goal for research was changed from the previous one that was purely focusing on capacity development to one focusing on consolidating the gains achieved through the almost eight years of capacity building.  The new goal reads “To promote a culture of inquiry and social enterprise through technology-based post-graduate studies, research and innovation in current and emerging niche areas”. 

As a new university of technology, the focus is on the development of R&I capacity in strategically selected areas of strength (niche areas) that are relevant to national and regional needs, priorities and opportunities. Staff development, increasing the number of postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows, strengthening leadership and platforms for R&I, building an enabling environment and institutional culture for R&I, facilitating knowledge transfer and commercialisation and increasing R&I funding and output are some of the priorities. TUT is continuously seeking to improve the systems and incentives to support these priorities. All our R&I endeavours are supported and sustained through collaborative networks and partnerships.

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Director of Research and Innovation
Dr Rita Raseleka
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Fax: +27 12 382 4409

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