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CITSIs Management Support
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The objectives for CITSI Office are to develop CITSIs as a research and innovative initiative, facilitate the establishment of new CITSIs, identify new opportunities for CITSIs, facilitate participation, facilitate the development of relevant policies and procedures, facilitate and coordinate the development of business plans and reports, promote and market existing opportunities and achievements to internal and external stakeholders.


Responsible person CITSIs Faculty Contact details
Maharajh R, Dr DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Scientometrics Economics and Finance 012 382 3076
Soundy P, Prof/Sivakumar D, Prof DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Food Security Science 012 382 5335/012 382 5303 or
Munda J, Prof Centre for Energy and Electric Power Engineering and the Built Environment 012 382 4824
Khoza P, Mr Centre for Creative Technologies ICT 012 382 9633
Drotsky A, Dr Marketing Research & Development Centre Management Sciences
012 382 4273 
Du Toit D, Prof Centre for tissue engineering Science 012 382 6267
Machete F, Mr Centre for Environmental Health Science 012 382 3583
Kennedy C, Prof Centre for Creative industries The Arts 012 382 6198
Tau V, Mr Technology Station In Chemicals (TSC) Engineering and the Built Environment 012 382 0665/0789
Jacobs S, Dr Technology Station in Electronics (TSE) Engineering and the Built Environment 012 382 5039
 Maharajh R, Dr Institute for Economic Research on Innovation Economics and Finance  012 382 3076
 Makhubela M, Mr Institute for Advance Tooling Engineering and the Built Environment 012 382 9675
 Kurien A, Prof French South Africa Institute of Technology (F’SATI) Engineering and the Built Environment 012 382 4743
 Rotimi S, Prof Institute for Nanoengineering Engineering and the Built Environment 012 841 3255 
 Veerasamy N, Mr  Softstart BTI-Enterprise Development ICT 011 695 4800
 Njoko S, Ms  Seda Platinum Incubator The Arts 014 597 0736
 Ebewo P, JR, Mr  Arts Incubator The Arts 012 382 6157

Contact Details

CITSIs Manager
Dr Hamilton Mphidi
Tel: 012 382 4910
CITSIs Officer
Ms Karabo Sedumedi
Tel: 012 382 5718