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Social Support and Psycho-Education offered by SDS:

The purpose of the social support and psycho-education programme facilitated by SDS is to initiate campaigns and projects that focus on relevant social issues – specifically related to the student community.  The programme is needs driven, and therefore changes constantly.  Campaigns and projects on the following topics are facilitated:  Personal Safety, Trauma, Substance Abuse and Unplanned Pregnancy and Abortion.

The aim of the programme is to inform and to be pro-active in addressing some of the many psycho-social challenges that many of our students are confronted with on a daily basis. Relevant information is provided to students in such a way that they are receptive to the content, and therefore the approach is normally quite informal.   To optimize the effectiveness of the programme students are encouraged to become partners (i.e. they receive specialised training in various social support matters; Peer Buddy Programme is an example hereof) in assisting the Directorate of Student Development and Support (SDS) with, amongst others, creating awareness and assisting fellow students in need. 


SDS Arts Unit

SDS Arcadia Unit

SDS Soshanguve South Unit

SDS Soshanguve North Unit

Building 12 – G04
Tel: 012 382 6062

Building 1 – G08 E
Tel: 012 382 6432

Building 5 – 215
Tel: 012 382 9662

Building 14 – G01
Tel: 012 382 9863

SDS Ga-Rankuwa Unit

SDS Polokwane Unit

SDS eMalahleni Unit

SDS Mbombela Unit

Office G04
Tel: 012 382 0701

Building 1 – G09
Tel: 015 287 0722

Building 7 – G78
Tel: 013 653 3109

Office 7
Tel: 013 745 3570

SDS Pretoria Unit

Social Support, Career/ Personal Counselling and Life Skills
Building 6-361/6-352
Tel: 012 382 5010/4826

Academic skills (Mentorship, writing- and study skills)
Building 6-329
Tel: 012 382 5273/5716

Assessment Centre
Building 6-352
Tel: 012 382 4394

Students with disability
Building 4 – G48
Tel: 012 382 4130/5072