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The Life Skills programme aims to assist first year students at the Tshwane University of Technology to develop meaningful academic and personal skills, knowledge and abilities that could enhance their university experience and potentially enable them to draw on higher education experience as an enabler of life chances. This programme is offered via lectures over one full academic semester. The course is structured in such a way as to complement the major subjects that students will be enrolled for in their first and subsequent years.

The Directorate of Student Development and Support presents the Life Skills programme to achieve three major outcomes.  Programmes are also structured according to three basic principles.

        Three major outcomes

        Three basic principles

  • Effective living
  • Effective learning
  • Employability

  • An outcomes-based approach that implies creative facilitation, and, when required, continuous assessment.
  • Maximum practical application and internalisation opportunities.
  • Flexibility and client need orientation.

The themes of the Life Skills programme may include topics such as:

Academic themes

  • Goal setting and planning skills
  • Time management
  • Information processing / SQ3R / Summarising
  • Classroom skills / Cornell note-taking strategy
  • Memorising skills
  • Test-taking -and exam strategies / integration of academic skills

Personal themes

  • Understanding the challenges of adjustment to student life
  • Managing personal stress effectively
  • Conflict management / problem solving
  • Relationship and friends

If your department is interested in implementing Life Skills as part of your academic programme for 2015, you are welcome to contact us. 


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