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Do you feel overwhelmed by academic demands?

Study Counselling and Support provides assistance to students who struggle with the challenging work load of higher education.  Students can access professional support to address matters related to study skills development.

How to go about getting assistance

  • First make an appointment at your SDS office for individual study sessions or study workshops (depending on the availability of study counsellors).
  • The first session is an assessment of your study abilities. This is done to identify the areas of concern related to your current study strategies. Together with the study counsellor, you will decide on a plan of action to address these areas of intervention.
  • One-on-one study sessions will address the areas of concern. A minimum of four sessions are scheduled but this can be extended depending on your individual study needs.
  • During the last session an assessment is done again to determine your progress and additional intervention, if needed.
  • Alternatively three workshops of one hour each can be scheduled to address the basic principles of study skills development in a group format.

Intervention areas include:

  • Concentration
  • Summarising techniques
  • Motivation and goals
  • Learning styles
  • Note taking
  • Memorising tools
  • SQ3R method
  • Time management
  • Test and examination strategies

Important information

  • All (and only) registered TUT students are welcome to make appointments for study sessions.
  • Study counselling sessions are free to register TUT students.
  • You are encouraged to attend ALL the sessions as agreed with the study counsellor.
  • The desired progress can be negatively influenced by non-attendance of sessions.

Coming attractions

Open study workshops and Study according to your brain profile – keep an eye open for posters.

Register for STUDY BUDDY

  • We know that as a student your time table can limit your availability to consult face-to-face with a study counsellor. Our experienced Study counsellors have converted the most important information on Study Skills on the Study buddy @ESP. You get to choose specific topics that you have difficulties with.
  • Send your student number, surname and name, and the course code SBESP (Study Buddy @ ESP) to , requesting access to the course.
  • You will be registered to use Study Buddy @ ESP, and check MyTUTor to see when you have access to Study Buddy @ ESP.


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