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The Disability Unit provides academic support to students with disabilities and also supports academic departments. Support to academic departments include information regarding reasonable accommodation to student application, registration, class room activities and examination.

The Unit has three main focus areas:

  • Facilitation: Prospective student needs and specific requirements will be facilitated with all relevant stakeholders. This may include discussions with students, parents, academics, residence and other stakeholders.
  • Advocacy: Continuous liaison with all stakeholders to ensure improvement in accessibility.
  • Support: The Unit provides continuous support to all registered students with disabilities. This includes counselling services and monitoring of academic progress. The Unit also provides a computer lab specifically aimed at visually impaired and blind students, but is also utilised by all registered students with disabilities. The disability lab consists of braille facilities, screen reading software, screen enlargement software, and PCs for internet access, research and special assessment procedures, etc.

The disability unit also plays a supportive role to examination administration. Arrangements regarding special concession for examination such as extra time will be made by the disability unit with exam administration. Students must contact the disability unit for special examination concessions.


SDS Arts Unit

SDS Arcadia Unit

SDS Soshanguve South Unit

SDS Soshanguve North Unit

Building 12 – G04
Tel: 012 382 6062

Building 1 – G08 E
Tel: 012 382 6432

Building 5 – 215
Tel: 012 382 9662

Building 14 – G01
Tel: 012 382 9863

SDS Ga-Rankuwa Unit

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Office G04
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Office 7
Tel: 013 745 3570

SDS Pretoria Unit

Social Support, Career/ Personal Counselling and Life Skills
Building 6-361/6-352
Tel: 012 382 5010/4826

Academic skills (Mentorship, writing- and study skills)
Building 6-329
Tel: 012 382 5273/5716

Assessment Centre
Building 6-352
Tel: 012 382 4394

Students with disability
Building 4 – G48
Tel: 012 382 4130/5072