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Career assessment is a process whereby psychometric tests are used to assess your interest, personality and ability so that we can make suitable and relevant career recommendations. If you are not interested in a psychometric assessment, please click on Career Information for more information on how to make a career choice.

NB: Career assessments are currently only available at Pretoria Campus. Career enquiries can be handled by the SDS offices on all campuses. 

SDS offers a comprehensive CAREER COUNSELLING service.  This service is available to all who would like to make an informed decision when choosing a course to study or a career.

This service offers the following:

  • A full Comprehensive Career Counselling Assessment that consists of:
    • A biographical questionnaire
    • An aptitude assessment
    • An interest assessment
    • A personality assessment
    • A detailed feedback session (1 hour)
    • A written report

  • Why make use of our services?
    • Professional counsellors
    • Latest psychometric material
    • Value for money
    • Up-to-date information on various courses and careers

  •  Costs involved:
    • R700.00 (subject to change)
    • Registered TUT students are tested for free
    • Booking is essential