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Pretoria Unit
Building 6–352
(  012 382 4394

Ga-Rankuwa Unit
(  012 382 0620

Soshanguve North Unit
Building 14–G01
(  012 382 9357

Mbombela Unit
Building 14-7
(  013 745 3572

Polokwane Unit
Building G1-03
(  015 287 0753

Arcadia Unit
Building 1–G08 E
(  012 382 6117

Arts Unit
Building 12–G04D
(  012 382 6062

Soshanguve South Unit
Building 5–216
(  012 382 9599

eMalahleni Unit
Building 7–G78
(  013 653 3109


If you have any questions or queries regarding any of the assessments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Academic Assessment Centre is a unit within the Directorate of Student Development and Support (SDS).  The following assessment services are available at SDS units at all the learning sites:


The Potential Assessment is an additional selection mechanism that may be used in the admissions process in conjunction with Grade 12 results, auditions, portfolios, etc. 

Cognitive potential to succeed in the programme applied for is evaluated prior to admission.  Spatial, abstract, verbal, and numerical reasoning and reading comprehension are evaluated.


The Student profiling evaluation process is based on Seidman’s (2005) formula for student success:

Retention = Early Identification + (Early + Intensive + Continuous) Intervention

It focuses on the Early Identification of a student at risk for being unsuccessful in his/her studies at TUT, either due to inadequate academic skills, underdeveloped emotional intelligence, career orientation, or lack of English language proficiency. By profiling first-time entering students at the beginning of their first semester at TUT, a starting point can be determined for the provision of relevant interventions that are likely to enhance the student’s chances of graduating.  After completing the evaluation, students and relevant lecturers are provided with comprehensive reports in a feedback session. The Student profiling process has little value if students do not complete the recommended interventions.

These assessments are linked to other strategies and developmental interventions:



English Literacy Skills Assessment (ELSA)


        English Word Programme
Reading Programme
Writing skills

Career Choice Questionnaire

Career Counselling

Learning and Study Strategies Inventory

Study Skills Counselling:
- Online
- I

Emotional Skills Assessment Process

Personal Counselling


An NBI profile is designed to help one develop strategies to sustain creativity and positive thinking in one’s personal and professional life as well as apply creative solutions. By understanding one’s brain profile a person can optimise his/her academic, social and personal functioning.

The test is a short assessment with an in-depth report. The NBI assessment can be completed on its own or together the risk profiling evaluation. Having a brain profile report of a class could assist a lecturer to understand how his or her students learn best, and could assist each student to optimise their studying skills. It can also be valuable as a tool for personal growth and awareness.


Comprehensive evaluation is administered to students who need extra time in their exams, or for students who possibly have a learning disability or learning problem beyond having an inadequate study method. 

This evaluation assesses the student in the following areas:

  • Study profile
  • Language proficiency
  • Thinking and reasoning ability
  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Writing skills  

Appointments for this evaluation will be made by referrals only.


SDS Arts Unit

SDS Arcadia Unit

SDS Soshanguve South Unit

SDS Soshanguve North Unit

Building 12 – G04
Tel: 012 382 6062

Building 1 – G08 E
Tel: 012 382 6432

Building 5 – 215
Tel: 012 382 9662

Building 14 – G01
Tel: 012 382 9863

SDS Ga-Rankuwa Unit

SDS Polokwane Unit

SDS eMalahleni Unit

SDS Mbombela Unit

Office G04
Tel: 012 382 0701

Building 1 – G09
Tel: 015 287 0722

Building 7 – G78
Tel: 013 653 3109

Office 7
Tel: 013 745 3570

SDS Pretoria Unit

Social Support, Career/ Personal Counselling and Life Skills
Building 6-361/6-352
Tel: 012 382 5010/4826

Academic skills (Mentorship, writing- and study skills)
Building 6-329
Tel: 012 382 5273/5716

Assessment Centre
Building 6-352
Tel: 012 382 4394

Students with disability
Building 4 – G48
Tel: 012 382 4130/5072