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The Directorate of Cooperative Education (DCE) realises the need to give attention to the development of appropriate research and community engagements including benchmarking, surveys and impact studies. We furthermore want to publish articles in line with TUT’s norms, explore niche areas and sharing in a body of knowledge through networking with the South African Technology Network (SATN) and the World Association for Cooperative Education (WACE).

The following surveys are done on an annual basis in conjunction with professional institutions.

We aim to undertake more surveys on graduate destination and employer satisfaction.

The conceptualisation and practicality of benchmarking are important aspects since benchmarking strategies are used to improve models at universities.

Additional hyperlinks on Research Bodies:

 Other research activities in DCE

  • Research Forum (HEDS/WIL)
  • Post Graduate supervision on WIL /Employability
  • Publication of articles on WIL/Employability in accredited journals
  • External review of Cooperative Education journals.