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Corporate Affairs and Marketing                                                             

Director’s Office

Corporate Affairs and Marketing (CA&M) provides services such as strategic institutional communication direction and communication planning, media liaison, branding and advertising, event coordination, alumni affairs, corporate internal and external communication, corporate online communication, corporate gifts, student recruitment and marketing, as well as information services. These services are explained below. The Directorate therefore consists of two subsections, namely Information and Communication. 

Brenda Watson
Director Corporate Affairs and Marketing
Tel: 012 382 5542
Fax: 012 382 5354

| Gerda van der Bank
| Secretary
| e-mail:
| Tel: 012 382 5543
| Fax: 012 382 5354

| Tebogo Sehularo
| Administrative Assistant
| e-mail:  
| Tel: 012 382-5749
| Fax: 012 382-5354

Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting

The Deputy Director’s role is to gather data and evaluate performance against targets set in the strategic framework for marketing and communication. In addition, operational outputs are measured and problem areas related to performance within the Directorate are identified. This unit coordinates the Directorate’s progress in terms of the implementation of plans, processes and systems, coordinates HoDs, ensures adherence to requirements for performance reports in line with strategic plans and monitors the implementation of operational plans and attainment of identified targets. It is responsible for drawing up reports on the Directorate’s quarterly Performance Reviews, and for ensuring consistency and relevance in operational planning activities.

| Nkoka Solomon Legodi
| Deputy Director
| e-mail:
| Tel:      012 382-5854
| Fax:     012 382-5354

Corporate Communication

This division comprises Channels Management, Media Liaison, Events, Branding, Advertising and Marketing. The division is responsible for the planning and execution of an integrated communication strategy that encompasses all internal, external and online communication (TUT web, web news, social media, intranet, corporate e-mail and online staff and student newsletters).

Events coordination (campus visits by VIPs and corporate event coordination) and the management of TUT’s branding (corporate identity and advertising) also form part of Corporate Communication. All these sections liaise with the academic and administrative sections as well as external stakeholders to ensure effective communication and stakeholder engagement. The corporate gift store also falls under this unit.

Corporate Communication produces corporate online and printed publications as well as marketing material. Its publications are planned and published to address specific stakeholder groups such as staff, students, parents, prospective students, donors, the government and more. It provides the TUT community with guidelines and advice on communication and media liaison, the application of the corporate identity, the production of brochures, pamphlets and posters. Liaison with various design houses and the internal printing services form an integral part of the activities of Corporate Communication.

| Willa de Ruyter
| Corporate Channels Manager
  and Spokesperson
| e-mail:
| Tel:      012 382-5352
| Fax:     012 382-5354

| Amanda van Rensburg

| Events and Brand
| e-mail:
| Tel:      012 382-5365

| Tebogo Tabane

| e-TUTor (staff newsletter)
| e-mail:
| Tel:      012 382-5508

| Gerrit Bester

| Heita! (student newsletter)
| e-mail:
| Tel:      012 382-4306

Information Services

This section provides information on academic and administrative queries. We also attend to the campus visits by schools.  We facilitate and coordinate corporate visits to our campuses.  We arrange for prospective students to visit us in groups and we provide information during the Open Day.

Billy Maduna
| Head Information Services
| e-mail:

| Tel:  012 382 5364
| Fax: 012 382 4150