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The core function and focus of the AOP is to secure significant third stream income to ensure that the university is well positioned to realise its vision.  This is executed through mobilising financial and other resources from the donor fraternity to address the numerous needs and challenges the University faces.

The AOP assists in enhancing the image of the University, acquire and manage resources, and see to the important responsibility of friend- and fundraising.  Advancement is about finding common cause, building a sense of community around that cause, determining how that cause can be advanced to yield tangible, sustainable improvements in the lives of the deserving. 

The AOP is committed to foster positive community, business and internal relationships and promote long-term strategic funding partnerships that will assist TUT in improving the quality of life and education of those we serve. 

Relationship building and accountability are at the core of the AOP’s work.  Donor partners are recognised appropriately and their investments are diligently acknowledged and judiciously spent. 

Due to the increasing pressure from Government on higher education institutions to contain the soaring tuition fees the AOP remains focussed and devoted in its task to secure increased and sustained third stream income by implementing best strategies practices to achieve its goals and objectives for long-term giving to the University.


TUT Stakeholder and Donor Function

Friend-raising rather than fundraising was the order of the day at the first-ever TUT Stakeholder and Donor function hosted by the Advancement Office and Partnerships (AOP) at the Pretoria Campus on Friday, 22 November. At the event, several of the University’s loyal donors gathered in Building 13, an impressive new feature on the TUT landscape, to interact with staff and Council members.

This event created an opportunity for us to engage with our donors and stakeholders, express our sincere appreciation for their support and showcasing TUT’s strategic direction, recent developments and areas of excellence.

It is our mutual responsibility to ensure that this University is well positioned and provides well-rounded citizens and relevant research that have a positive impact on our country’s development.

A similar event was hosted in Cape Town on 7 November. This event was well attended by the Cape Town donor base of the University and companies represented were, amongst others, Distell, Shoprite, NedGroup, the HCI Foundation, Pioneer Foods, and Capitec Bank. The event was sponsored by the Distell Foundation and the AOP expressed its gratitude towards the Distell Foundation for its generous support, as well as for the presence of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Ogude and Chairperson of Council, Prof Mogotlane.

The Advancement Office and Partnerships would like to thank you all for attending this inaugural event and hope to meet with you again in the near future.

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Contact us

Prospective donors interested in partnering TUT in the advancement of education in South Africa, or internal staff requiring more information with regard to the drafting of proposals for funding, may contact:

Mari Booysen
Tel: 012 382 5346/5293
Fax: 012 382 5369