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eduroam (education roaming) is a wireless service that enables TUT staff and students to use the wireless networks at other universities. It also enables other universities to use the wireless network at TUT and applies to all universities cooperating in eduroam worldwide.

Conditions of use

Making use of eduroam will compel you to adhere to TUT’s policies such as the Electronic Communication Policy and the eduroam Acceptable Use Policy. All information about the use of eduroam will be recorded by TUT on site or at other universities where you visit and use eduroam. You can get more information on the eduroam website.

How visitors to TUT can connect to eduroam

Connect to the eduroam SSID as you would normally do and use your institution’s username and domain, such as password, and the security settings as specified below.

eduroam settings



Security type


Encryption type


Network authentication method

Microsoft: PEAP


Certificate name

The client uses the certificate on the radius server

TUT staff, students and visitors can access these quick setup guides for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 to configure their computers for eduroam.

The following protocols are currently allowed for access to the eduroam network from TUT:

eduroam hotspots at TUT

Wireless hotspot area

GPS coordinates

Pretoria Campus

25º43'53.55"S 28º09'40.38"E

Building 2/6 Open Area

25°43'58.02"S 28°9'50.29"E

Building 2

25°43'57.72"S 28°9'47.66"E

Building 3 6th floor

25°43'55.84"S 28°9'48.97"E

Building 4

25°43'54.78"S 28°9'46.08"E

Building 5 North, Open Area

25°43'54.05"S 28° 9'51.81"E

Building 6 Courtyard

25°43'57.97"S 28°9'53.33"E

Building 9

25°43'59.39"S 28°9'53.40"E

Building 11

25°44'1.38"S 28°9'49.13"E

Building 13

25°43'52.20"S 28°9'49.90"E

Building 20 Library, full coverage

25°43'52.78"S 28°9'44.31"E

Building 21 Floor 2, 3 & 5

25°43'53.56"S 28°9'36.82"E

Building 21 Fountain

25°43'55.71"S 28°9'42.56"E

Building 30 Courtyard

25°43'55.10"S 28°9'37.04"E

Building 31 Open Area

25°43'56.72"S 28°9'38.51"E

Building 44 Cafeteria

25°43'54.52"S 28°9'32.36"E



Arcadia Campus

 25°44'41.83"S 28°12'0.19"E

Building 1 Boardroom

25°44'43.72"S 28°11'57.15"E

Building 2 Library

25°44'43.20"S 28°11'58.22"E

Building 4 Cafeteria

25°44'40.56"S 28°11'57.17"E



Arts Campus

 25º44'26.16"S 28º11'45.99"E

Building 5 Boardroom

25°44'25.16"S 28°11'46.78"E

Building 7 Library

25°44'24.96"S 28°11'49.63"E



Ga-Rankuwa Campus

 25º37'05.92"S 28º00'08.31"E

Building 2 Library

25°36'56.47"S 28°0'10.98"E

Building 27 Cafeteria

25°36'56.58"S 28°0'6.04"E

Building 29

25°36'58.55"S 28°0'8.67"E



Soshanguve North Campus

 25°31'12.92"S 28°6'47.48"E

Building 17 Boardroom

25°31'11.49"S 28°6'53.71"E

Cafeteria 1

25°31'12.59"S 28°6'53.28"E

Cafeteria 2

25°31'16.73"S 28°6'47.81"E



Soshanguve South Campus

 25°32'37.57"S 28°5'47.16"E

Building 5 Council Chambers

25°32'26.25"S 28°5'45.95"E


25°32'24.61"S 28° 5'43.97"E


25°32'27.68"S 28° 5'42.05"E



eMalahleni Campus

 25°52'39.67"S 29°14'10.94"E

Building 07 Boardroom

25°52'41.74"S 29°14'7.69"E

Building 15 & 16 Open Area

25°52'36.47"S 29°14'7.92"E

Building 18

25°52'36.51"S 29°14'4.56"E


25°52'39.82"S 29°14'8.57"E



Polokwane Campus

 23°53'59.87"S 29°26'55.84"E


23°53'59.87"S 29°26'55.84"E



Mbombela Campus

 25°29'59.33"S 30°57'17.90"E

Building 1

25°29'57.18"S 30°57'20.79"E

Building 4 Library

25°29'58.86"S 30°57'22.50"E